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------------------------------------------------- "I've never rushed anything…and that's an understatement" Don't worry about it George, we're not rushing either. We plan to update our site everytime you do a live performance or make a new CD....... sometime :) -------------------------------------------------
This site was first opened for public (*grin*) on the 4th of October 1999. Updates will take place everytime George does a live performance or makes a cd…maybe even more frequently than that! We can't promise anything though…. :)

What's new:

13 October 2000 Believe it or not, but the Modena/Pavarotti & Friends website is finally finished! :) Stories and pictures by fans for fans. Ofcourse some highly exceptional pics of George too! Not to be missed! Visit the Modena section at:http://www.cyprusjack.com/modena/index.html 27 April 2000: FastParty Finally the FastParty section has been finished and added. Go check it out, plenty of stories, pictures and even videoclips of the first George Michael party in the Netherlands. 24 October 1999: more additions Some of the things that have been added.. Yvonne's story at the Getting Tickets page; Introduction about the upcoming Fast Party website (click the picture). 4 October 1999: opening of the site After more than five months hard work, we finally completed the first and main part of our website: "Here, There and Everywhere". On the introduction page you can read all about the occasion for this site.

What's coming:

soon.. :) NetAid stories and pictures soon.. :) Stonewall stories and pictures sometime.. :) Equality Rocks stories and pictures This site is updated infrequently :) Fill in your email underneath should you wish to receive email when we update our site.
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------------------------------------------------- "I've never rushed anything…and that's an understatement" -------------------------------------------------

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