The ticket for the Concert So, how díd it all begin?
Wednesday the 17th of March, BBC teletext announced a concert to be held on the 19th of April. This concert was organised by Chrissie Hynde - a friend of Linda's, to celebrate the memory of Linda McCartney and everything she stood for. All proceeds were understood to go to organisations that support cancer research. Teletext showed us the names of George Michael, Tom Jones and The Pretenders as performing artists. Later that day, RTL 4 text (a Dutch tv channel) took over the announcement. The concert would take place at The Royal Albert Hall. It was on this Wednesday that internet - and as we believe icq particularly - showed how fast news can really travel. By the end of the afternoon, early evening, a lot of people already knew of the forthcoming concert. Icq and email were heavily used as information sources between fans. Ægean - The official George Michael information source - must have been overwhelmed with mails at that time. By Thursday, it was known that the concert wasn't on the 19th of April, but on the 10th of April: a week before the remembrance of Linda's death. Somewhere during the evening, people discovered that tickets would be sold through a ticket line. Sales would start on Friday the 19th of March at 10.00hrs a.m. On this Friday Aegean sent out a letter to all their fanclubmembers. They confirmed that George would be performing at the concert and gave details on how to obtain tickets. Unfortunately as this was not a George Michael "do" they couldn't sell tickets to their members themselves. But sales had already started at the time we got the email and of what we know now, it was sold out within one and a half hours. Some people were very lucky to get hold of a ticket: Kristine I have a wonderful story about getting my ticket to the show. I read a girl's post in the newsletter that she lives in London and she is going to attend the show. She also gave a phone # for booking tickets. But I knew if I will start calling that number at the moment when they say tickets will go on sale, i will probably miss it! So I e-mailed her a following message: "I know you don't know me, we have never been in touch before, but, hey, we both are fans! So, can you please, PLEASE buy me a ticket to the concert?". The next day I learned that tickets are sold out. And then I got her message: "Sure, no problems. I got your message just before I was going out to get my ticket. And I bought you a ticket. Still want it?" I was jumping up and down all day! I was so lucky! It was great to meet the girl in London! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN, JANE! I think I will never thank her enough! George fans are GREAT! Bianca Well.. my email and icq was working overtime, from the day (wednesday) we heard that George 'might perform'... thursday there was already confirmation from Aegean and friday when the tickets went on sale. "Where to get them... and how?"... that was the big question. We found out that Aegean couldn't help us, so we were out on our own. That thursdaynight was extremely hectic on icq... everyone was dying to find out where we could buy tickets. I was killing time by chatting to other GM fans, meanwhile trying to call Nathalie over and over again [she was on a skiing trip somewhere and promised to leave her cellphone on..] ha, no such luck! Anyway, we were hoping to run into someone who had more information... and as a miracle, there was BEAN. She found out where to call for tickets that next day.. she had checked for herself but sadly for financial reasons couldn't make it from Vienna. She was kind and generous enough though to share that information with us, so that we could try and get tickets... and the luck was with us... we had decided that Jeannette was going to try and call for tickets that next morning, and after she had been trying for half an hour or so, she got through and managed (well.. with a little delay, lol) to get 6 tickets for us! :))) Jeannette Thanks to icq, (click here to read our conversations) I was in time to know there would be a concert, and to learn where I could buy tickets for it. We had a group of four "sure goers": Bianca, Nathalie - who was on holiday somewhere…as always -, Indy and myself. I didn't think finding two others would give me a big problem, so Bianca and I decided on buying six tickets: the maximum on one credit card. When I started calling the ticket line on Friday at 10.00 a.m., it took me more than 30 minutes to loose the engaged tone. Finally, a girl answered my call and started to put my details in her computer. I'm always sort of happy when other people's computers crash, so that I know that it's not me :) This time it was different as I just saw it coming that she wouldn't be able to reboot her computer before tickets were sold out. So when the girl said: "oops sorry.. I have to reboot…I'll call you back", I wasn't happy at all :( Fortunately, she called me back within 10 minutes already. It then was obvious that tickets sales were speeding enormously: the seats she had in mind for us in section B, were sold out in those 10 minutes and we were put back in section L. Well, I wanted them anyway ofcourse and in a way I was relieved that she had called me back. Imagine if she had called back 10 minutes later! Would there still have been tickets left? Straight after I finished my call, I called Bianca - who was still desperately trying to contact Nathalie - to tell her the good news. So: three people very happy, one didn't know yet but must have felt it, the fourth one was still to be informed I got her a ticket and the sixth one - my friend Sandy - was unreachable… Nathalie Well, this is already quite interesting..... The wonderful Jeannette was able to secure six tickets with the assistance of Bianca. Well, my dear friend, Bianca was so amazing that she tried to contact me for over 48 hours to ask me if I wanted one of the tickets. Although she had not been able to contact me (I was skiing in the Bavarian Alps and had kept my cellular phone off (oups!!), when I had absolutely promised Bianca that I would do otherwise.... sorry I had forgotten!), she nonetheless reserved one of the ticket for me..... I will be forever grateful to both of you, Bianca and Jeannette! Herma When I logged in that evening, Icq was very busy. Everyone was there and I got totally confused by all these messages flying through the air. “Have you heard?” was all I heard. What??? What Had I Heard? I had heard nothing. It took a while, but then someone told me: George was going to perform life! At first I thought it was a joke, I don’t believe everything I read in the papers ?. But it turned out to be true. The next question ofcourse: Are you going? I had one day, I think to decide. I was very tempted. “If love would overrule my sense” I was definately going. I had been to the Final, had seen the Faith tour every four nights in Rotterdam (and was sorry I didn’t get tickets for Paris) and I had had tickets for the C2C concert in London. Unfortunately I fell ill two days before the gig and really couldn’t go. I felt I deserved another concert because I didn’t get to go to the C2C tour. But then I am a responsible adult, I do have a family and money was too tight to mention. So sense took over. A familytrip would be nice too, instead of me spending all that money on me. I hated myself, but decided not to go! Tickets were ordered the next day, but not for me. Oh, I’ll live, I decided. There’s more to life than just George Michael. I’ll have a good time playing his CD’s, watch a video…. Who’s George Michael anyway? … Well, to use his own words: “The soundtrack to my life.” Now don’t be childish, you’re a grown up woman, not some teenage groupie fan. Yeah, I’ll definately live…But all my friends were going..grrr… The next day I posted to the Planet George mailinglist. The day my post was read by my good friend in New York, Jennifer Bark, she came to my rescue. She mailed me and said: “are you crazy? You are such a huge fan, yeah family is important and so is money, but when will he perform again? Think again, are you just a mum? Or also a person?” Gee, I forgot…? I am a person too… Anyway, Jen had the solution to my problem, I could stay with her at the appartment she was allowed to use from her cousin. That made a huge difference in costs ofcourse, just the trip and the ticket to pay. Ticket? I didn’t have a ticket!! For days I desperately tried to get one, but I , very sensible, decided noone was going to become rich through me! (well, except for George ofcourse, I alone made him rich through the years ? ) No ticket touts for me. If I couldn’t get a ticket for a reasonable price I was still not going. Point. Lucky for me, sadly for her, a friend of a friend couldn’t go and I jumped at the ticket. I called, begged, sweettalked, bribed and blackmailed Jules to give me the ticket and she did! Yes, she did! She is my best friend now, ofcourse ?. Sisters! Anyway, plane tickets (yes, I know the ferry is cheaper, but I get sooo sick on them, never again) were arranged by Jules (oh, she takes care of everything, she is the best PA anyone could have. George? Wink, wink..? ) And I decided that since I am a person too, I would go for four days…..One night in a hotel with Jules and than two more with Jen in her appartment So London here I come! Ludo Life's little mysteries. How can a person begin with the idea of spending a few days in New York and end up with George Michael's arm around her shoulder? Well, that's exactly what happened to me. The whole thing started when I told Jen Bark that I was available to go and spend a weekend in New York to meet her. She agreed but then she heard about the Tribute to Linda and suggested we could meet in London, instead. I didn't do anything at all, apart from accepting her offer, because SHE found the tickets … Sally I'm an Australian but I've been living in London for the past 18 months on a working holiday. One of my aims when I moved to London was to either see George perform live or try and meet him somehow. I've been a fan ever since I can remember and he's had a huge impact on my life. Living in London is like a dream, but in a way it's frustrating knowing he is often so close yet so far. I kept my ears peeled for any news of any concerts or shows he might be doing but there didn't seem to be anything happening. I joined Planet George and was a regular reader for two or three months but things started to take off at work and there was a period of maybe three or four weeks where I didn't read any posts as I was too busy. Once things had calmed down I went back through all the mails and was devestated to learn that George had agreed to play in the Linda tribute concert and that it was already sold out. This was probably going to be my one chance to see him before I left London and I thought I'd missed out. I rang everyone I could think of to try and get a ticket but I had no luck at all, I was absolutly gutted. I read a post from Jennifer saying that she had managed to get tickets from a agency for a hefty sum so I wrote to her and asked her for the details. She very kindly wrote back to me straight away with all the information I needed and I rang the agency she recommended. I couldn't beleive it when the man on the phone said 'Yes, I have a few tickets left...' I burst into tears!!! I didn't care how much they cost - believe me they were expensive!! I bought one straight away and then rang my mum back home in Australia to tell her the wonderful news - I was going to finally see George in the flesh. (She was very happy for me but probably would've preferred to hear the news at a more respectable hour - in my joy I'd forgotten about the 9 hour time difference and called her in the middle of the night!!) Nabila My own experiences of The Here, There & Everywhere concert are not as exciting and elaborate as some of the stories I have read but they are special to me nevertheless...... I would have to say it started the night before the tickets went on sale. Panic definitely set in. I was determined to be there to see George sing. Years previously, I had managed to get tickets to see one of his British Cover to Cover shows but, at the last minute, couldn't go! So, I'd waited a long time for this opportunity. As well as securing tickets for myself, I was determined to ensure tickets for one American and one Italian fan. I spent the entire night going between ringing New York and constantly checking the Internet for more up-to-date details. Needless to say... I didn't sleep at all that night! I had the following day off work and so, at the crack of dawn, I started trying to phone The Albert Hall, London, direct. Daft I know, as the box office didn't open until 9am but I wasn't taking any chances. Shortly after the box office opened and after approximately 45 minutes of getting a constant engaged tone and hitting redial, I finally got through and after enquiring about various seat locations (pleading for good seats!) and prices, thought "what the hell" and bought a box for the night (5 tickets). I could relax! Three were already spoken for and so I offered the remaining two to my sister and a close friend, who had also been sat in their own homes, for part of that morning, trying to obtain tickets especially for me! Jen I first heard about the concert thru the Aegean newsletter. A friend of mine in Wigan, England: Nabila, mentioned she was going to attempt to get tix, though we didn't know when they'd be going on sale. Different news reports mentioned Saturday and to check Friday's Telegraph for details, but luckily Nabila heard otherwise, and was able to call in for tix Friday morning. In the meantime, I had been calling various tix agencies with no luck, including Keith Prowse--the company that organized a trip I took over to London for the Wham! Final concert back in '86. I was ecstatic when I found the email in my in-bin the next day from Nabila stating she had been successful: the shock and surprise were too much for it to start to settle in. I then booked my plane ticket: so incredibly cheap, and was able to get in-touch with my cousin Steven about staying at his flat in London, while he was on-business in Australia. He was cool with it and had a big place, so since I got tix for both myself and my Italian friend and fellow GM-fan, Ludovica, I invited her to stay with me there. Well, as the next week unfolded, I was helping more and more people attain tix to the show, thru some of the British tix agencies I'd researched in preparation for a box-office letdown. I brought one agency so much business, I should've negotiated a commission out of the deal! ;) Sonja, Ursula, Paulette--fellow American, and Sally Whiteway. I also managed to talk Herma into coming, at least *think* about coming....luckily the ticket situation worked out in her favor, otherwise I never would've been able to meet her. I told her she was welcome at my cousin's, and also extended the invitation to Kristine from Latvia, who was only spending the night, and was planning to roam the streets and skulk around the bar/club-scene til the morning arrived! Things were shaping up to be a grand party! Nobby "I had to do some business in London anyway, so I chose that weekend to see some George fans at least. There are some similarities between trying to get a ticket ("I must, I have to..!") and eating an ice-cream at the best places in Rome: You pay more for the location than for the food. Everyone knows that the café in the next small street is much cheaper and there's always (almost) a free place. It's quite the same with tickets, especially when you get a ticket for the concert at Capitol Radio Café from someone who had one left. Thanks a lot, it was the best place at a reasonable price!" Yvonne It all began just a few days after I finally got myself connected to the internet. The first George Michael site that I came across was I was impressed and I began to make my way through all the sections. After a short time I tapped into the 'news' section and there is was...The news that George would be taking part in the Linda Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. After I picked myself up off the floor I quickly phoned the RAH box office who inform me that the tickets were to go on sale the very next day. Brilliant! Just in time! After an early night I suddenly awoke at 4am with the most terrible pains which felt very much like my ever-returning kidney stones! Kaser (my husband) phoned the Ambulance and off we went to Middlesex Hospital. Besides the horrific pain the main thing on my mind was those tickets which were to go on sale in such a short time. After the usual rigmarole of Doctors prodding and poking, injecting and advising they decided to keep me in! Oh No! What about the tickets! At the time of the box office opening I sent kaser out to the phone box as he was unable to use his mobile but redialling and redialling proves to be pretty im- possible on a public phone, not to mention the moans from the people waiting! Well I had no other option...but to call the doctor over and explain that I just had to leave the hospital to unsure I could get these tickets. He just laughed! So what does one do? I signed myself out of the hospital complete with gown and drip, taxied home, got on the phone and finally got the tickets! Phew! Needless to say, my stones returned again...4 days before Net Aid!!!!