Thank you..... for waiting! :o)

For all those not responsible of this very infrequent update of this site... but too responsible for us making this site complete, for their tremendous patience and fantastic enthousiasm...; (does this remit our debts of anyone's promised GBP 50,-- in exchange for his or her story?): all visitors, eh for visiting? :) and for waiting. editors' families, for their patience, missed meals etc. Francis, for staying home and giving us a stay behind story :) Indy, for his story and a late night trip to MacDonalds. Jennifer, for her story and organizing a great place to stay. Kristine, for her story and memories of many cups of Latvian coffee that kept us going :) Ludo, for her story and being there. Nabila, for her story. Nathalie, for her story and energy :). Niki, the poor girl who gave us another unique look on staying behind :) Nobby, for his story, help with soundfiles, etc. Paulette, for her story and helping to find some good links. Sally, for her story. Sonja, for her story. ...and everyone who contributed pics, or helped out in another way. George Michael.....for eh...well, you know what you do :)

thank you!!

...on behalf of the webmasters And Jeannette and Herma would like to add here that most of the work, especially technical, was done by Bianca. So a special thank you to Bianca...for all the HTML, Java and other things we don't know much about, eh..for bossing us around....:)), and most of all for her patience. :) Good work, girl!