Sunday 11 April

Kristine Waking up was wonderful! After dancing at the Roadhouse club all night, and as far as I can remember still having some drinks after we got home.... (after all we HAD to TALK about what we saw!!!!!), it felt wonderful to wake up! (Yeah, I woke up next to Herma, so maybe that was it :)))))) It was warm and sunny day, and we spent it having great time! It really is a pleasure to spend such a wonderful day with ppl who share the same obsession that you do! Jen Sunday came quickly, and when I exited the shower, I found lots of savory goodies waiting for us for breakfast, along with some more of Kris' eye opener. Coffee was definitely my savior that morning. Despite the phone going out, having lost its charge, we did manage to make arrangements to meet in a Metro Station convenient for us as well as Jules and Paulette. Herma After such a short night, things are a bit fussy :) Black coffee didn't even help much. Kristine had brought an incredibly strong drink from Latvia and we poored some in the coffee, trying everything to get our act together.:O We did go out and went to see some sights. Also we went to read all the tabloids at the subway station. There wasn't much coverage about the show yet.
Jen and Herma checking out the newspapers for concert reviews
Jeannette We - Jen, Paulette, Ludo, Herma, Kristine and I - decided to meet on Sunday morning at [xx] Station. When I arrived I saw Paulette already there, so we chatted while we were going through early morning newspapers to see whether they wrote about the concert. Did we actually talk about the weather, Paulette? I think we did! :) While we were chatting, a train arrived. We were alarmed by four people - Jen, Herma, Ludo and Kristine- yelling to us from the train to get in quickly. I'm sure we must have left Paulette's lunch pack and a couple of news papers behind when we rushed ourselves to get into the train before the doors closed. Bianca Since Nathalie and I had promised Michelle that we would travel up to Kent to meet her and tell her all about the concert in person (unfortunately she wasn't able to join us) we didn't go with the rest of the group, so we decided to get in contact later that day, easy with cell phones. :) Meeting up with Michelle was great, of course we told her all about the concert and I had brought her a videotape with interviews that both hadn't seen yet, so we had a George-filled afternoon. In the evening the three of us went out for dinner and then we said our goodbyes to Michelle, meanwhile had called the girls and set a meeting time and place at Jen's cousins' appartment.
Bianca, Michelle, Nathalie
Jeannette What did we do? Afer Saturday night, it seemed like everyone's mind was a bit confused, as I remember that we spent our day deciding how many women and how many dogs we saw that day and trying to contact Bianca and Nathalie - who were with Michelle in Kent - by mobile phone, and trying to decide what to do that night. Kristine got so confused that she "missed" her flight! ;-) Jen We took the train to visit several locales around London.......a beautiful sunny day...having a great exchange all the way, and learning a lot about each other. Hard to believe we'd never known each other before this weekend! We spent time perusing the tabloids while in the various train stations, waiting for connections and the like (especially after boarding the wrong train, lol!) What a lovely day walking the cities streets, along the river, and chatting up a storm in the pub! It was very relaxing--pure bliss! As night closed upon us, another stop in a pub (our favorite place to visit during our trip) to decide what to do that night. After much discussion, we decided to go to Collection for a quick drink, to get a sense of the atmosphere of where George threw his 35th Birthday Bash. It was a great place, once we found it!!! Lovely dark interior, cozy booths, good looking bartenders! ;) More discussion on the man continued, but quickly turned into a "can you be faithful to your partner forever" discussion. Herma During the day we talked a lot about the concert and about all the lyrics George ever wrote and what they all meant to us. And also what all of our guesses where what he had meant by them. Some things we agreed on, some not. It is very nice to talk to other fans. Most of us have friends in "the real world" who aren't fans. Or who like George, but not in the way that they would want to spend hours talking about him. Also ofcourse we dicussed our different countries and other stuff. One thing led to another and we ended up talking about HIV and AIDS for a long time. Paulette who is an expert on this subject told us things we never knew. I thought I had it all figured out, but I didn't know f.i. that the virus can be in anybody's system silently for as long as twenty years. Not even showing in tests.....Wow. None of us knew that... Imagine you get yourself tested and you're OK and then some five years later all of a sudden it turns out you have the virus and after your test you've always had safe sex. Would you believe your husband when he says he's always been faithful? So Paulette was in shock because we were in shock :) She didn't mean to worry us and it doesn't happen very often...Well, thank goodness for that. She just meant to say that this isn't a disease you can play with. Better safe than sorry, you don't get a second chance, once can be enough... And as George also says..."What you don't know can really hurt you" So thanks Paulette for filling in the blancs in our minds....I thought I knew it all...still waiting for the slidesshow though :) Jeannette Later on that afternoon we ended up in a pub where they only served coffee until 4 p.m. :( There we called Bianca again to see what hers and Nathalie's plans were for that night. We decided on going to The Collection, Chelsea, first (ring a bell?) for a drink as they didn't serve dinner after 9 pm :( Bad luck! What can I say about The Collection? Really nice! The character and interior were very typical.
The Collection
Herma We were having a very good time being all together. So good that Kristine missed her deadline to leave for the airport. As it was already too late there was no point in hurrying and she called her work and the airline to get a flight for Monday. All that worked out, luckily she didn't get fired :) When it was already a bit late for dinner we tried to decide where to go. This isn't easy with so many people..We finally dedided to try the Collection. We phoned and it turned out that the kitchen was closed, but the downstairs area was open. So we went there anyway, just for drinks. We thought we could grab some food later. At the Collection I had a cocktail which was totally horrible :( well, you have to try everything once in your life, right? I quite liked the place, apart from the drink :). It wasn't very crowded when we were there. We decided we'll try and have dinner there the next time we'll be in London.
Ludo, Jeannette, Kristine, Paulette, Jen and Herma
Bianca We caught up with them around 11:00pm and went inside. Well, it sure was a hectic night.. but also very much fun. Some of the girls hadn't eaten yet, so they were desperate for food. Meanwhile 'Mr. Kymaera' had arrived.. Jen heard from someone that the Kymaera cd playing the music of George Michael was so good that we had to hear it. Anyway, we played them on the cd player and yes, they were very good! Of course not as good as our George himself, but it was very nice done... this is great when you need some background music. Think most of us bought a cd, I didn't.. ran out of money (lol.. happens to me all the time) but still regret it, so I guess I'll have to buy it from their website sometime. :) Anyway, we got distracted and went to watch the 'Rock in Rio' videotape... meanwhile looking through the various precious G-goodies some people had brought. Indy and Jules were on a hunt for some food and they came back quite some time later with something from McDonalds, the only place they could find that sells food after midnight.
on the bed, Kristine and Herma, in front of it: Paulette, Nathalie, Ludo, Jen and Shane (Mr. Kymaera)
Jen We had to leave after our drink to get back to my place where the rest of the group, Nathalie, Bianca, and Indy were meeting us, along with a member of the band Kymaera, who did a whole CD of instru- mental GM covers. He played their wares for us, and we quickly bought up the few CD's he brought with him. While Indy and Jules made a MickyD's run (all the restaurants had stopped their take away service for the night!), we all ventured into the bedroom to watch some live GM footage. It was a riot to take pix of all the women sprawled on the bed and floor, and poor Shane who actually seemed quite happy about his misfortune to be surrounded by members of the opposite sex! ;) After what seemed an eternity, Indy and Jules returned with their findings. Jen opted for canned soup...yum! We popped a bottle of wine (my cousin DID say to destroy the liquor cabinet!) that made mention of Santa Barbara...a former home of G's. More picture taking ensued, and a glass of red wine was accidentally tipped on my cousin's white carpet. Oops!! We tried our best to get it out, but in the end were fairly unsuccessful. Til Joe came into the picture, that is... Jeannette At the end of the evening we would meet up with Bianca and Nathalie again and we invited Indy as well to Jen's cousin's appartment. Very difficult to find dinner at 12 o'clock in the evening, so Indy and I drove off to MacDonalds to get something to eat.
Kristine, Bianca, Indy, Herma and Paulette
Kristine Sunday night's party at Jen's appartment prooved that it is not possible to order a pizza in London after midnight! But it is always possible to get McDonalds. But you have to drive and pick it up.... No food delivery for people who party late! Herma After that we decided to go back to Jen's appartment and call out for some food. Drinks were already in stock so that was no problem. The food though... as it turned out you can't order any food after eleven in London :( It had been hours since we had something to eat. Now you all don't know me, but I get really nasty when I don't get fed in time..:) I called every place I could find in the Yellow Pages, but no.. Surprising, I thought anything was possible in LOndon :) Luckily Indy came to our rescue...We sweettalked (read forced :) ) him to go to the all night McDonald. Jeannette went with him and in the meantime we watched the Rock in Rio video.. We also met up with Shane. Kymaera made this wonderful here for Kymaera link All Wham! and George songs instrumental, with a Spanish feel to it. We all love it, it's really worth checking it out. Bianca Then it was time for pictures.. since we all brought our camera with us for the weekend, we wanted to have some nice memories about sunday as well. A nice group picture so we all posed around the sofa. Several pics were taken and then we decided it was time for some new positions. Uh oh.. the glass of red wine that Kristine was drinking accidently got pushed off the table by me. :( I felt terrible.. especially very sorry for Jen, I mean.. her cousin was very kind to let her and her friends stay at his appartment, and then I ruin it by spilling red wine on the carpet. Everyone tried to cheer me up, told me it was not my fault, that it was just an accident and it could have happened to anyone, but still, I felt terrible. :( We tried some damage control with salt, but there wasn't enough salt in the place to cover every spot. Jeannette Sadly, a very nice day and evening ended with a glass of red wine on a an expensive, lightcoloured thick carpet, caused my making one of the several group pics. :(
Indy, Kristine, Jeannette, Nathalie, Jen, Ludo, Bianca, Herma and Paulette
Bianca Since it was late anyway, we decided that we would call it a night, it was past 3:00am anyway, and still had a busy day in front of us... so we arranged to meet up again the next morning in Euston at the tube station. Jeannette The ones who stayed in hotels were driven by the chauffeur of the evening - Indy . It was still early - about 3 a.m. - but we planned to meet again on Sunday morning early. Early because on Monday there were several flights back; the first one already early in the afternoon. Herma Again we got some two/three hours sleep. We had to get up early the next day and since the alarm was on my side of the bed...I was in charge and responsible for our early start.... BIG MISTAKE :))) Jen As it was getting late, we made tentative plans for the following day (no small task indeed!), said our goodnights, and were down to the original four again. We talked AGAIN until 5:30am...more George theorizing...and wondered if we should even bother going to bed, as we had to be up in two hours! Well, we chose to catnap, but overslept, so getting out the next morning was a bit difficult. Dear, reliable Kris had our coffee ready for us, however!