Saturday 10 April

One of the funniest thing on my way there was trying to meet Ludo at the airport. We had never seen 
each other before, we had just exchanged a few messages. Since we both arrived at aproximately the 
same time at the Gatwick, and we were going to stay at the same place, we decided it makes sence to 
meet at the airport, so we are not alone on the way to London and can start talking about George right 
after getting off the plane. 

As a  tribute to George, we decided to meet in a toilet. I had an idea to meet at the men's room, as a 
real tribute, but ... well, being good old fashioned fans, we decided on lady's room. I arrived first. 
I had no idea what Ludo looks like, so I was looking very close at all the girls coming into the lady's 
room trying to catch their eye and maybe they'll recognize me.... I don't know what they thought about 
me, but it was very funny. When Ludo arrived, we reciognized each other immediately. :) Don't know 
why, I think it was something about shine in our eyes... :) 

Kristine, Ludo and Herma
Jen I arrived at Heathrow at 8am Saturday morning, only to find my bag did NOT arrive with me! I was a bit panic-stricken, but had to head into town to meet up with Herma and the rest of the gang. My cousin's friend, Joe, left keys with the doorman and arranged the whole apartment for my stay. I called him upon arrival to let him know I got in safely and also lost my bag in the process. He was confident they would find it, and told me not to worry: after all, King's Road, with all its great clothes shops, was right around the corner! Sure enough, I called the airline (BA) right after hanging up with him, and they'd located it. It would be delivered within the next two hours. Herma was next to arrive: we had a marvelous little GM-chat to break the ice and get acquainted. Though we'd started off emailing each other over MOL letters only a few months prior, I felt so at ease it was as if we'd known each other for years! Kristine and Ludo arrived a few hours later, was just starting to worry about them! Kristine brought an eye opener with her that she thought we all could use: a Latvian liquer that went great with coffee. It certainly was a pick-me-up. Well, we all started to get ready for the show, as it was after 2pm, but my bag had yet to arrive. I began calling the airline every 15 minutes, being told the driver could not be reached and should be in my area. Turns out he took his car phone off-line, and couldn't find the street, but couldn't be given proper directions as he was unreachable! Finally, about 2:45pm he managed to locate the place and Kristine went to bring the bag up as I was already in the shower. I got ready in a real hurry (though the girls would disagree!) and we headed over via taxi to Capital Radio Cafe to meet up with the rest of the gang. Herma Morning came too fast..The night hadn't been long enough, but we wanted to enjoy every minute of the day and sleeping is such a waste of time anyway. Besides we had paid for breakfast, so we had to get that. After a quick wash we went downstairs. Jules didn't feel so good in the morning, so I ate almost all of it :) After that we went back upstairs to take a shower and get properly dressed. Funny showers in the UK. The whole thing overflowed and the room was almost a pool. After that Jules and I chatted for a while and then I took off to join Jennifer in her appartment. Well, her cousins appartment, he was abroad for a long time and he was so kind as to let Jen use his place. A friend of his, Joe, had arranged for the key and such so that everything was taken care of when we arrived. I called upstairs and Jen had just arrived. How wonderful to meet her. This was the first time, we had been E-mailing but had never met. I love this way of making friends and what great friends I have now. Without the internet Jen from New York and I from Rotterdam would never have met! It was great to meet her. I was the first one to arrive and we did have some time to talk before all the activities started. We agreed that it was so great to see that the person we met through E-mail was indeed the same person in the flesh. We got on like a house on fire. After all the hours we spend together during this extended weekend, we felt very close and we still had soo much to talk about. We were very stressed this morning and afternoon because Jen's suitcase had gotten lost on the plane. British Airways...We spend hours calling them and they spend hours telling us they had already found it and were already on their way to deliver it. Well, excuse me, but how long can the drive be from the airport to Chelsea? Hours?? Then they told us they had contacted the driver and he said he was on our doorstep. We called the doorman downstairs, but there was nobody there...liars. Try another company next time.. In the meantime Jen decided to shower so she would be ready to dress when the luggage would arrive. Kristine and Ludo had arrived too and the four of us spend half an hour to figure out how to get the hot water running. :) This wasn't easy. In the meantime we attacked the CD player that we couldn't get to work. This wasn't easy either. When the suitcase finally arrived Jen was just under the shower. We tried to buzz the BA guy up, but failed, we had to get the suitcase so someone decided to run downstairs. We must have hit the wrong button, when the door opened the alarm set off. AAARRRGG you don't want to know how loud it was...:)) So we tried to shut it up, banged on every button but failed...Jen was shouting from the shower, we did exactly what she said and still the alarm kept going. We tried to contact the doorman again, that didn't work either. I don't remember anymore how it stopped, I think Jen did, but it stopped. The silence was overwhelming. All this time, nobody reacted to this incredible noise, so much for alarms..We could have been raped, murdered, chopped to bits, taken out in garbagecans or something, buried and noone wanted to know..:) Earlier Kristine and I had talked about George who had said in an interview years ago that he felt that people thought that he only had one braincell and that people treated him as if he was braindead. We decided that his fans often get treated the same way. After all this exitement we felt like george Michael fans...LOL Braindead! We couldn't get anything to work in this appartment, was it the appartment or us? Are we indeed stupid or worse, braindead? :)) Finally, Jen was dressed and we set off for the meeting at the Capitol Radio Cafe, where we arrived an hour late. I didn't know a lot of people, but I loved meeting Julia Bailey. She's another E-mail pal of mine and she lives ouside of London, didn't have tickets for the show, but had come to the meeting anyway just to meet us all. She also gave me a tape with interviews and I handed her a video tape, so much easier than sending it. :) I loved meeting you Julia :). We had to wait for some time when a table was organised for us. We asked the waiter (and he promised) if he could get the D.J. to play an hour of George. After that we wouldn't pester him anymore 'cause then we would be gone. We got our table but no Georgehour, shame! We had to rush to get our tickets for the show in time. Ludo … SHE (Jen, ed.) found the place where to stay, SHE found the people to share the flat with and SHE put me in contact with Kristine. Kristine and I were to arrive at the same airport flying from different countries, so we discussed for a while to find a place where we could meet and we finally decided for the Ladies’ Room. (forgive us, George, it was our tribute to you ;)) To begin with, in London I met so many nice and fantastic fellow fans from all over the world.. Nathalie The beauty of being a member of this group is the opportunity to meet some amazing people. When I first surfed the Internet in the hopes of finding any bits of information on George, I had no idea that I would eventually develop new and endearing friendships like I have. Well, the last London meeting was no exception to the past six or seven previous meetings I had the chance to participate in. I once again met wonderful people who were not disturbed or dysfunctional because they liked/loved George Michael and his music. Not in the least. I met with very "normal" people who only wanted to share their passion. Meeting new people such as Herma, Jeannette (for the second time), Jennifer, Ludovica, Kristine, Paulette, and all the others (Sorry, I don't remember everyone's name this minute...) was so much fun that I recommend it to anyone who feels lonely. It is quite amazing to me that because of one single interest, we can have so much in common with people all around the world. That should teach us that "at the end of the day," no matter what colour, race, ethnicity, religion, etc., we have so much to share with one another and so much to experience... Life is too short not to experience every single moment.. Carpe Diem!
Kristine, Ludo, Herma, Nobby, Indy, Jeannette, Nathalie and Bianca
Bianca When I walked up to the Capital Radio Cafe around 3:00pm that afternoon there already were a few people outside. We chatted a bit and Debbie and her friends went inside already because they were hungry. I decided to wait outside for a few others a little while longer and go to the bar afterwards. Which we did and I had a lot of fun, meeting plenty of old and new friends. They showed the "As" video's on the screen, which was great fun of course! If people didn't know yet that we were GM fans, they certainly found out after that.. lol. Anyway, it got later and most of us got hungry and wanted to eat so we waited till they had a table which was big enough for all of us. :) Someone suggested that we should all introduce ourselves, I liked the idea, but have to admit, after a few days I already forgot who all were there, I had a great time, but I'm awful in remembering names! :(
Ludo, Indy, Jeannette, Nathalie, Bianca and Jen
Sally On the afternoon of the concert I went into the Capital Cafe in Leicester Square. I was a bit nervous about doing this as I didn't 'know' anyone but I really wanted to meet Jen to thank her so very much for helping me to get my ticket. I arrived and saw a big group near the bar so took the plunge and went over...sure enough it was the Planet George members. It was great to meet everyone and I did get to thank Jen in person which was wonderful. I sat with Steve and Nikki from Kansas and Paulette while we were eating and really enjoyed talking with them all, we were all so excited about seeing George - it was going to be my first time and a few of the others there had never seen him before either. Finally it was time to head over to the Royal Albert Hall - Paulette, Steve, Nikki and I went together on the tube and walked through Kensington to get there. We were all sitting in different areas so we said our good byes and I went off to find my seat. Nabila Sat 10th April arrived and we set off from Greater Manchester, UK just before Lunch to get to London in time to meet other fans in Leicester Square and to hand over the tickets to Jen (USA) and Ludo (Italy). The journey took half the time I had expected due to the fact that my friend (who had offered to take her car) drives like a bat out of hell!...maniac!!. After much flapping on my part and constantly annoying them two with my George Michael conversation, we arrived safely at the Albert Hall, parked our car there and took a cab to Leicester Square. I'd been there many years before but for near on 30 minutes, we walked round and round in circles looking for the meeting place, asking passers by, and jointly came to the conclusion that doing that was pointless as every single person we met was as lost as we were! we eventually found it and my sister and friend cringed as I strode up to the doorman and asked for the PG party! "The What?", they kept asking me later.... smirking. "whaddaya call yourselves?".
Jen and Nabila
There I FINALLY met two very dear friends..... Jen from New York and Indy, who came all the way from.......wait for it....... North London! After drinks and a meal and some serious ogling of the video screens whilst "AS" played, we piled out into Leicester Square and started to make our way to Albert Hall.
Jeannette When I arrived at Capital Radio Cafe, I thought I was the first to arrive, not noticing Sonja - who had her birthday that day; how's that for a present! - who tried to get my attention. With Sonja, there were some people who I now know were Ursula and Paulette. When the others arrived soon after, we had a couple of drinks in the cafe and - as it was dinner time - we decided to have "dinner" at Capital Radio Cafe itself - although Indy warned me that the food isn't really good… With a big group of about 16 or 18 people, we had to wait quite a while before dinner was served. We had this most embarrassing moment when someone suggested that everyone should get up and introduce him or herself to the group one at the time. Where did you go, Indy? I had to introduce an empty chair! Sooo embarrassing ;-)
Bianca, Indy(hiding), Kristine, Jen, Nabila, Ludo, Herma, Nathalie, Jane, ?, Nobby, Jeannette
After the dinner I had to rush myself to the Royal Albert Hall, as I still had to collect the tickets. Nathalie and Nobby - the happy winner of the sixth ticket, which original owner sadly had to cancel just a few days before the concert - rushed along with me. The very sad contradistinction when we arrived at the Royal Albert Hall, was that on one hand there were fighters for animal rights, handing the concert visitor pamphlets, and on the other hand there were people selling concert tickets for prices up to 300 GBP! :( Really, really sad… Jen We arrived a bit late, but people were still arriving so it was ok. We met Bianca, Jules, Nathalie, Indy, Sonja, Ursula, Paulette, Nobby, and were still waiting for Nabila to arrive. Just then, we heard familiar strains on the restaurant's sound system: they were playing "As"! Better yet, they were playing the video: one I'd never seen before, thanks to living in the good-ole US of A! So, Ludo and I sidled up to the bar to watch the man in all his glory. Oh, I was in heaven! Just as it was ending I heard lots of whispering behind me, and I turned around to find a girl asking if I was Jen, in a familiar voice: it was my angel, Nabila!! We gave each other a huge hug, and she introduced her sister and friend who were coming to the concert with us. We decided it was high-time to get a table, and had a long table arranged right next to the dj-booth. After ordering, we took turns introducing ourselves and giving some personal info about how long we were GM-fans, how many concerts we've seen, etc. It was a great icebreaker. By that time, a few more people had joined us: Steve Thomas and his wife, Jane and her sister, and Sally Whiteway. Everyone was just glowing with excitement and joy over the next few hours that were to transpire. We were really going to see George live! Nobby For me, it's quite funny to discuss half an hour outside "Capitol Radio Café", but I missed Ursula and Sonja before the concert this 30 minutes. And it's making people angry to let them wait... especially as I know Sonjas character a bit closer now... hehe ;o) Jen After a decent meal that some of us didn't have much time to ingest with all the talking that was going on, some obligatory pix, we paid our bill and headed out into the square. There, we had the host take a few group shots of the gang, tapped some money machines, and off we went to the subway. Everyone was involved in multiple conversations at was like we couldn't get enough out! Eventually, we arrived at the nearby station and walked the remaining few blocks. Many separated from the group, to head in and find their seats, or pick up their reserved tix. Kristine, Ludo, and I decided to hang out for a little while in the milling crowds to possibly catch G's arrival. We attempted to check out both sides of the arena, after getting a few pix along the way, and there were lots of people waiting, but no tell-tale signs as to which side was the one G. would arrive at. Then we were told that he was already inside! :( Well, I still clung onto some hope and we waited as long as possible until it was minutes before the show was to begin, and we wanted to make sure we at least got inside for the show! We found our box, and joined Nabila, Nyla, and Helen just as the show was beginning.
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