Fast Party

Holland is quite a George Michael minded country; last year's update of George Michael's largest unofficial fanclub told us that percentage wise, Holland was after the UK, the USA and Canada, the fourth country counting members. About time to have a party we thought. Herma and Jeannette offered to organize, counting on the support of Bianca, the Dutch Planet George chapter manager. The first meetings of the organization committee started in March 1999. After the first mention in the Dutch Planet George newsletter, we got overwhelmed by enthousiastic reactions, so we got our selves busy to get everything worked out. Years after the last Dutch fanclub meeting, the oldfashioned way (remember magazines by snail mail? ;-) ), this would be the first internet fanclub party in Holland. We got together on the 19th of June: Fast Party, Rotterdam. This section of Here, There and Everywhere contains the stories of the Fast Party goers. As Fast Party was mainly a Dutch party ofcourse, we made two sections: an English one and a Dutch one. The stories are the same, they're just translated. So...for the ones who want to practise their Dutch... :D We added some video shots that were taken at the party to the site. You can find them on the main page ("Fast Intro"), on page 2 ("Fast Freedom"), on page 3 ("Fast People") and on page 4 ("Fast Quiz"). For some reason we don't understand ourselves, the first two video's can only be seen via Internet Explorer. The others can be watched with Netscape as well. Enjoy!
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